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Q: What is the  globalcash4u.coml Profit System?

A: The Global Cash 4U  Profit System is a training web site for people who are new to Internet Marketing. Even if you are an Experience Network Marketer, we all benefit from being a part of a community with like-minded individuals taking control of our finances.


Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?

A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!


Q: What are the products in the Global Cash 4U Profit System?

A: Our products will include e-books of effective marketing to empower and educate on effective marketing strategies and branding yourself. You also have a chance to advertise your own business here on our website with social media, banners or text ads.


Q: How much is it to join the Global Cash 4U  Profit System?

A: The cost to join the Global Cash 4U Profit System is a one-time payment of $5, $10   Fee to start (we Highly recommend joining both). This is an automated platform paid directly to your e-wallet with no need to request your payout.


Q: Are there any admin or monthly fees?

A: No.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: NO REFUNDS, since this is an automated system paying out to members and you will have instant access to your earnings, our product in your member's area, there are NO REFUNDS.


Q: What payment options will be accepted in Global Cash 4U ?

A: Bitcoin is our preferred payment option that is automated via Coinpayments. A bitcoin wallet address will be generated, if you have Coinpayments you can log in and send payments automatically. If using other Bitcoin wallets, please copy the wallet address and send from your Bitcoin wallet account. Once the transaction has cleared your wallet will be automatically funded. If the system time out, you will be sent an email of notification. 


Q: How does the comp plan work?

A: Global Cash 4U begins with our $5 Phase: 1, is a  1x3  structure. Phase:1 1 is a Regular Forced  . you have the Power to encourage members to invite 3 members into the systems.   Level 1 only requires 3 members in your profit system therefore spillover and spil- under will be Massive.  

The comp plan is as follow based on BTC value at creation

Please note that as BTC increases/decreases based on market value, therefore due to the volatility of BTC the entry and payout cost will vary:


Phase1: 1x3

Phase 1 - Level 1: 5.00

Phase 1 - Level 2: 10.00

Phase 1 - Level 3: 20.00

Phase 1 - Level 4: 40.00


Please visit Home-PageS tab of the site for a complete breakdown

Why should members work hard to invite members to Global Cash 4U  for you to monopolize their efforts. They too have opportunities they would like to build with the members they personally invite to Global cash 4U. 



Q: Are There Any Tax Requirements?

A: Members are personally responsible for any tax requirements. Most states allow $16,000 yearly "gifts/donations


"In a dead-end matrix? Join us in Global Cash 4U, automated, great strategy in place to reduce changes of stalling. Fast and easy, great earning potential of over 10k" Over & Over Again!